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Welcome to the Banana Hut where we’re all a little “bananas.” This is my personal style blog where there won’t be much organization when it comes to consistent topics – very similar to how my brain works. Enjoy the madness!

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Captain of Your Ship

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Captain Jack Sparrow I love the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and I especially love CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp. As someone who doesn’t like conflict or things not running smoothly, this quote speaks directly to me. We associate negativityContinue reading “Captain of Your Ship”

Senioritis and College Burnout

This guest post was written by my classmate Jess from BlackModernThoughts. Their blog is very well rounded in concept where different topics are discussed from being a dog parent to favorite books, all while maintaining the viewpoint of a young Black mind. In this post the topic is senioritis and as a graduating senior whoContinue reading “Senioritis and College Burnout”

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My name is A’na and for as long as I can remember people have called me A’na Banana which is pretty ironic because I’ve never liked bananas Read more

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